Tuesday, December 24, 2013


We are hard at work! I have been knocking through a script, I'll leave a sample here for you to check out, and soon I'll post a couple of Bens sketches!! Its still very early on in the process and at some point down the road, WAY DOWN most likely, I'll bring it back up but just to put it in your minds now, I'm looking at doing a Kickstarter for this project. Once we have the finalized script and art, we will need support to get it actually put into book form. Not to mention if we arent capable of coloring and lettering the pages thats additional costs. 

Anyway! Thanks for reading here is a sample of the script!

The Centurion

Credits: Lucas B., Ben B.

Scene 1
{Pro} walks through ruin at night, (rain) holding lantern.
CAPTION “This place is unfamiliar, I must be close.”

Scene 2
Exposition panel (pull out to show landscape).
CAPTION “I’m getting better at this or HE is getting sloppy”

Scene 3
He stands in front of a stone archway with script etched in.
It’s stormy but the scene is lit by his lantern, holds it up to read the writing.
Here lies a mason, unknown in name, but not in skill.
CAPTION “If this be the man the townspeople spoke of then after all these years of searching…LET IT BE DONE, please. Let it be done.”

Scene 4
Camera at ground level, A shovel flings dirt (pro is digging the grave). The lantern sit next to the whole (rain spatters off the metal lid.)
CAPTION “They buried him deep and away from the world, what are you hiding my dear mason.” 

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