Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm Doing NEW STUFF!


This is the inaugural post for what may turn out to be the longest, exhausting and mind-numbing things we will ever do!
BUT! It could also turn out to be the most rewarding, creative and mind-melting coolest things you have ever witnessed and been apart of!!

Lets get you introduced to what going on in this blog

  • Ben Brandner and Myself are taking on the task of writing and illustrating our own original comic series/ graphic novel.
  • This blog will house posts ranging from script samples, art samples, creative posts, Q&A's and updates on the progress and state of the work.
  • We will be asking for feedback from you guys ALL the time, constructive criticism is always helpful!
I dont have much to reveal at this time, we have only just begun, please follow and support this blog it will mean alot to us!!

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