Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thought I'd leave a post to spread some more joy, have a wonderful week everyone!!

The centurion solves Christmas

The world was silent, not a sound, not even a mouse.
By the candle lights flitter did I glean the man’s visage, all wrinkled and grey.
 Covered head to toe in red and sashay, with a bag and a beard both too large to say.
My sword I did draw, with a swoosh and a slash, I let open his bag and discovered his stash.
A big bag of presents, this did not make sense!
I did seek a man, all portly and round, but how could it be that it be he!
With a glare and a spin, the man was upon me.
So with a swipe of my blade, the man he did fall.
Straight to the ground, beard and all.
Only then did I realize what I had done,
I’d just ruined Christmas,
For everyone.
So if you’re reading this now, I must apologize.
If you’re Christmas was as foul as mine!
But don’t let this story get you too down,
Remember that Christmas is special, made no less so by the loss of a man so red, portly and round!
Family, friends and memories abound!
For those things, surely you can’t have a frown!


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